Monica Mazzi & Loredana Fiori Founders of Mazzi D Fiori







We are two cousins who grew up together in London with a strong love of our Italian heritage and culture. Our frequent trips to Italy, both as children and adults, enveloped us in the Italians inherent sense of style, love of vibrant colours, high-quality craftsmanship, sharp tailoring, and luxury designs.

During a weekend trip to Florence with our daughters, we fell in love with the beautifully designed Italian leather bags at affordable prices. Florence is surrounded with art and beauty that inspires so many designers so it's no surprise that it is home to a wonderful array of artisans working with Italian leather.   

We started researching the bag industry in the UK and found a gap in the market for good quality Italian bags in stylish designs, beautiful colours at affordable prices. 

We felt so strongly and passionately about this opportunity, and with our experience working for global brands, that we set up Mazzi D Fiori Ltd (our surnames translated means Bouquet of Flowers) and started sourcing Italian artisan bag companies.

The mission of Mazzi D Fiori is to preserve and promote the work of traditional luxury artisans. We are dedicated to supporting and showcasing the craftsmanship and skills of these artisans, ensuring their work is valued and appreciated. Additionally, we strive to offer affordable luxury, high-quality products accessible to a wider audience.

At Mazzi D Fiori, we believe in the importance of sustainability and reducing waste. That's why, this autumn, we are focusing on small batches and employ a made-to-order timing strategy. By producing in smaller quantities and only when an order is placed, we minimise excess inventory and waste production that is commonly associated with traditional mass production methods.

We understand that this approach may require a little extra time for your bag to be ready. However, we believe that the wait is worth it, as it allows us to maintain our commitment to sustainability and support the craftsmanship of our brands.

For more specific information on the production and delivery timing for each brand, please refer to the individual brand pages on our website. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work together towards a more sustainable future.

We hope you continue to love these wonderful bags... don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and do DM us with any feedback. We love to hear from you whether it’s good or bad.